Start your Spanish journey - how to start and where to begin!

It´s many peoples dream to own a home abroad, a place where the sun shines most days and where you can relax, enjoy breath taking scenery, travel and learn a new culture. A place to try new foods and drink, entertain and to be entertained. If this is your dream, then let's start the journey together.......

Like all journeys good planning and preparation, in the main leads, to better and happier experiences. And while it will be an exciting and momentous journey for you and loved ones, there are important considerations to take on board that will really minimise any possible stress, frustrations and pitfalls. Below are some important pointers, borne out experience and helping many clients, that we believe will help you to focus on exactly on how to make your dream happen as smoothly as possible!

Do your research!

We have put a lot of information on our website about our particular area within the Almeria Province. Have a good look around especially under the tab Almeria Province in Andalucia. Once you have done this confirm our information with other sources via books, the internet and holiday programmes. (we were featured in A Place in the Sun).

Settle on a great estate agent and if possible, just one!

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of having a good Estate Agent. We are obviously biased as we believe that one agent should be Casa y Campo

It´s not only about the properties agents list but also about their local knowledge, experience, competence, responsiveness, Integrity and transparency, pre-sale support and very importantly post sale support…going that second mile! Check out our reviews and testimonials here. Its not just about the sale for us. Its about you finding the perfect property of your dreams and the quality and experience of your Journey.

And  only one agent you may ask? In Spain vendors or sellers can list their property with any number of agents. This increases the complexity of trying to work with a good agent. Here at Casa y Campo we collaborate with a number of Agents thus increasing the choice of properties for you but ensuring we do the leg work on your behalf reducing effort and possible frustration and confusion of having to liaise with lots of agents.

Determine your budget

Your budget will help determine what kind of property and the location you want. You should also budget an extra 10% (12% for a brand new property) of an agreed price to cover costs that include Property Tax and Legal fees. Generally coastal properties are more expensive than inland ones.

Holiday home or a permanent full time move to Spain?

Consider whether this is just a holiday home for you. You can spend up to 180 days in Spain with no extra administrative requirements, even after Brexit. If You are moving full time then you will need to consider applying for Residency, going onto the local Town hall register (Padron). If not retired then there will be some tax implications that can be sorted with the help of Spanish Tax specialist. We can recommend excellent ones. If you are under retirement age you may need Private Health Care here in Spain and we can also make recommendations. LINK. After Brexit if you are retired and with reciprocal governmental agreements, you may qualify for free Spanish health care

Have a good idea of the property and location you want, but…

Be clear about the property you want but also have the capacity to have an open mind especially when you come over. Do you want a Villa with a pool? Cortijo with land? An apartment by the sea? Obviously, this will be determined mainly by your budget but sometimes your money can go much further than you think. Also, are you willing to do some work on the property? If you are, we can help with Project Management and Design. LINK.

Fundamentals you need to purchase a property

-All non-Spanish property buyers need an N.I.E number (Tax number)

- A solicitor to search and complete conveyancing on your behalf. We can recommend    

   good Spanish, English speaking solicitors. Your solicitor will set up a Spanish Bank   

  account and the utilities for the property. They can also be given Power of

  Attorney to act on your behalf (i.e Obtaining NIE numbers or completing the purchase

  at Notary on your behalf should you be unable to attend.

- A currency exchange provider. They will help convert your  particular currency into

  Euros at a competitive commission rate (much better than the banks) offering you the

  choice of fixing the exchange rate to protect against future fluctuations. We

  recommend Smart Currency. LINK


After you buy your property you may need to consider the following

International removal companies

- Car purchase or import and Licence change over

- House, car and health insurance LINK

- Setting up Internet and TV provision.

Putting dreams & thoughts into action!

Explore our website  Send us an enquiry on any properties or call or email us  Consider taking advantage of our viewing package- Plan flights and dates for coming over and inform in advance to help us plan your visit and viewings Relax and enjoy the journey of finding your next home here in safe hands


We hope the above is of help and focuses you on a plan of action. There is a lot to consider but be confident and comforted that we at Casa y Campo will be with you every step of this wonderful and exciting journey!

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