Find out about the Almería region! - the towns, the villages & its location within Spain!

The Almería province of Spain

This area of Spain is still one of Spain´s hidden gems, only emerging in recent times to the canny and discerning buyer!

The province of Almería offers pleasures which are hard to come by in the Mediterranean: over 100 km of untamed coastline and landscapes of outstanding beauty. These are just some of the attractions Almería has to offer:

  • Almería is hot! It is the driest city in continental Europe with an average of 320 days of sunshine per year.
  • Almería is a beautiful stretch of diverse coastline and interior landscape, situated between Murcia and the Granada coast.
  • It has an average population is only 700,000 yet it occupies 10% of Andalucia
  • Almería offers excellent value for money; it is one of the least expensive areas of Spain to buy and live. It has a laid-back feel, it has no pretentions, yet it attracts the discerning buyer.
  • It has low rise developments in the resort areas Mojacar, Garrucha and Vera to name a few.
  • Easy access to some of Spain's, most beautiful and historical cities, Granada and Alicante -2 hours, Barcelona,   Cordoba and Malaga - 4 hours.
  • Home to one of Spain's most beautiful national parks, the Cabo de Gata. We have miles of unspoiled beaches to enjoy!
  • Four accessible airports: Almería 55 minutes; Murcia International 1 hour and 30 minutes; Alicante and Granada 2 hours ( to our office in Lubrín)
  • Gastro Capital of Spain for 2019! 
To give you more of a visual flavour have a look at the 5 minute video showing the extraordinary beauty, culture, history and lifestyle of this remarkable province! 

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